Affordable Hotel App

affordable hotel app

Advanced business tools like Hotel Apps, Guest Experience Solutions, POS, and Room Service Apps are often big investments for hotels. And when you run a small retreat or B&B, you almost feel it’s impossible to afford such modern technologies.

But there is hope after all. We created GuestBell precisely for the needs of hoteliers ready to use modern technologies but who don’t have the budget for big corporate solutions.

First of all, let’s get something straight. You can create your Hotel App with GuestBell for Free without a credit card required. That’s why GuestBell Hotel App is the most affordable solution on the market.

What are the steps to get Hotel App today?

  • Visit our website and create your account. You can register via social accounts or using your email address.
  • Follow interactive tutorials to create your 100% Free Hotel App. Or contact us and we help you out.
  • After you have your Hotel App online you can start informing your guests about your new cool technology. You can do that via email/SMS invite. Printing QR Code Flyers or sharing links for your Hotel App anywhere you like.

Transparent and Fair Pricing

You created your Hotel App via GuestBell for Free, and your guests can see everything for Free. We decided that GuestBell will collect a small fee only when we bring value to our clients.

Every guest who uses GuestBell to send an order or a message via Hotel App will incur a fee. This fee is collected only once per guest’s stay. There are no hidden costs and no minimum fee.

When your guest doesn’t use GuestBell you don’t pay! Hence Fair Pricing – we charge when we bring value 🙂 For more info check our Pricing here.