Top 10 Questions about GuestBell Hotel App

Hotel App

The process of choosing new technology for your business can get overwhelming. That’s why it’s natural that before even starting many of us have questions. We’ve written down the most frequently asked question related to GuestBell. Hope you find it useful!

1. What is included in Free Version?

All Features are included in the free version. You can set up the whole property without paying anything. The Welcome page, Services, and Chat will all be visible to your guests for free.

2. When do I pay for GuestBell?

A one-time fee is charged for the first chat message or order placed by a guest during their stay. All following are then included for free. In other words, would will only pay when we provide value.

3. Can I use your solution when I have only small property?

Sure! GuestBell can be useful even for the smallest Airbnb properties. Since our business model is very affordable and our customers are charged only when we bring value, anyone can make their property and see how they can use our solutions without any commitment.

4. Do I pay when my property is closed?

We don’t charge any minimal monthly fee. If you don’t have guests who use GuestBell you don’t pay. As simple as it gets 🙂

5. I don’t have room service can I disable that functionality?

Of course! GuestBell is a complex solution offering many features. It’s fully up to you to customize your experience. You App will then adapt and only display the information that is relevant based on your settings.

6. How long does it take to create a property in GuestBell?

The simplest version can be online in 5 minutes. It all depends on how many things you want to offer and what kind of features you choose. Usually, it takes a few hours if you wish to have Welcome Hotel Page with original content and offer your Room Service via the App.

7. I don’t want my staff to see analytics in the dashboard. Can I disable that feature for them?

Yes! You have full control over what is visible to your staff. You can even decide to let staff see certain features, but not be able to modify them. For instance, your maintenance crew can be allowed to see the chat to provide context, but they won’t be able to send messages.

8. Does my guest have to download the app?

No! GuestBell works in the browser. We use the latest technology to support our solution. Our platform is a web application, yet it will behave exactly like a native app.

9. How many languages do you support?

We currently support 10 languages. We’ll add more as we grow! For now, we have English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Slovak, Russian, Hindi, and Chinese.

10. How many services can I offer via GuestBell?

As many as you need. There is no limit to how many you can offer but for sure you don’t want to overwhelm your guests. The best is to keep it around 50 services and more than 100 services are not recommended.