Welcome Page in Hotel App

Welcome page in Hotel App

GuestBell welcome page for hotels gives you a powerful tool to create personalized content that reaches your guests. An important fact to keep in mind is that this happens without the need to print new leaflets or brochures.

Crucial news, events, or promotion can be brought to guests’ attention via GuestBell welcome page. Guests can find all updated info on their smartphones via the hotel app. Simple, smart, and eco-friendly!

How it works

You can create your welcome page in the GuestBell hotel app dashboard. The platform provides a fully customizable CMS, similar to an advanced text editor.

Well designed welcome page with pictures, videos, and colors enables you to catch the attention of your guests. It also gives you the freedom to update information anytime.

The whole process of making your welcome page is simplified by walkthrough interactive tutorials. You can choose from a variety of templates to help you create your content even quicker.

Welcome Page in GuestBell Hotel App

Multilingual Content

Do you want to provide multilingual content in your hotel? There is no better way to increase guests’ satisfaction and interaction than providing content that your guests can clearly understand. Guestbell hotel app currently supports 10 languages. Create a welcome page in more languages and your guests will be able to switch to their preference.

You can learn more about how easy is to create your own welcome page for the hotel app in Guestbell documentation.