Hotel App changed my Life

GuestBell Hotel App

For everyone who stumbles upon this blog and has no clue who I am and what my company is doing.

I’m Veronica co-founder of GuestBell – Hospitality done Smart. In today’s blog post I would like to explain the motivation behind creating GuestBell.

I’m also sort of celebrating the 10th anniversary of the first time I got the idea.

I was on holiday in Prague exactly 10 years ago. After a whole day of sightseeing on a cold day, I craved a nice hot cup of tea before going to bed. Frankly, my throat hurt, and I need something nice and warm. Ordering room service was kind of new to me because I never had to do it before.

There wasn’t any room service menu laying around but I guessed they must have had room service in that place. It was a four-star hotel in the center of Prague. It took quite a while for me to figure out how to call the front desk because I couldn’t find any numbers. In the end, I just had to press 0 or 1. Problem with phone number solved! Now to the tea…

What is the best tea for a sore throat? Definitely, ginger tea!

I wanted fresh ginger tea but the lady at the front desk wasn’t sure if they can make it. The solution was to ask the staff in a restaurant and get back to me. After a few minutes, I got the call. They had fresh ginger tea and they told me it will be delivered as soon as possible. The whole experience took at least 15 minutes and it wasn’t most pleasant because my throat was sore.

I probably got the best dream I had in my whole life.

Veronica Brazdil

The tea was perfect and made my ache go away. I finally went to bed and I probably got the best dream I had in my whole life. In my dream, I could order room service via a smart application on my phone. It was so easy and intuitive. After a couple clicks without any hassle I place an order.

When I woke up I immediately knew this is something that hotels are missing. Every hotel is missing Hotel App! I knew in my gut this is something I really want to do. Develop a Hotel App that will help guests and hotel staff.

It took a while for the stars to align, but finally, in 2018, it turned out I had the skills, experience, drive, and funding to make all of this happen. And the rest, as they say, is history.